Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mentoring- The Rules

Mentoring Rules
By Evil_Geoff

Rule #1 - If they want to have sex with you, THEY ARE NOT A MENTOR.
Rule #1a - If you want to have sex with them, YOU AREN'T LOOKING FOR A MENTOR.

Rule #2 - If they want to play with you, THEY ARE NOT A MENTOR.
Rule #2a - If you want them to play with you, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A MENTOR.

Rule #3 - If they try to run your life or deny you access to other people or sources of information for your BDSM education, THEY ARE NOT A MENTOR.
Rule #3a - If you are looking for them to run your life, make decisions for you, tell you who you can see, or what you can read, or who you can talk to to learn about this lifestyle, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A MENTOR.

Rule #4 - YOU, and only YOU, are responsible for wisely choosing a mentor. DO YOUR EFFING HOMEWORK before asking someone to be a mentor for you.

A mentor is a teacher, a guide, a sounding board, a friend. According to Webster's - a mentor is "a trusted counselor or guide." A mentor is there to answer your questions, offer advice, point you in the direction to find the answers you need. They are there to warn you when you are about to screw up... but they are not there to save you from your own hormones or stupidity. A mentor needs the ethics of a saint, and the patience of Job, the flexibility of a snake and a spine of steel sometimes.

A mentor isn't a fuck-buddy, a friend with benefits, a play partner, or control freak for your life. Do not let a predator in mentor's clothing attempt to use you.

Nuff said.

- Geoff


At 9:36 AM, Blogger Evil_Geoff said...

It's nice to see that some folks consider my writings worth sharing. Thank you for that, and for attributing it to me, though I think more people would recognize it if it were attributed to Evil_Geoff. :-)

If other readers would like to ask questions of, or comment to me directly, they may do so at

At 10:32 PM, Blogger SX said...

Evil-Geoff: THANK YOU for coming and giving us some contact info. I do not remember where/ who brought this wonderful piece to our attention, but we did not have any contact info or way to find out who it was.
The attribute has been corrected, and we hope to be able to publish more of your work in the future.


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