Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Philosophy for Doms

Choices and Responsibilities
By NCMaster

There is an old saying that goes something like, “If you are going to talk the talk, you got to walk the walk.” There are many in this lifestyle that talk the talk, but how many follow through and walk the walk? Life is always about choices and responsibilities, both in the vanilla world and this lifestyle. The fun parts are always easy. The dominant and submissive alike, enjoy the power exchange during those times when it is fun. The sexual and BDSM interaction framed in the Dominant/submissive power exchange is very erotic and exhilarating. Wearing the fetish attire, attending lifestyle events, interacting with like minded people, all of these things are exciting, invigorating and just plain fun.

However, the real test of character and commitment comes more often away from the crowd. Those times when it is just you alone, or sometimes you and your partner, these are the times when commitment and choices become very real. As a dominant, do you step up and accept the responsibilities that come with being the dominant? Do you do those things that provide nourishment, support, and stability to the relationship? Does your dominance serve as a foundation that holds things together? Do the choices you make show a consistent value and judgment? Does each choice you make, reflect your commitment to the responsibilities a dominant has toward the partner? Do you manage your time and money responsibly? Do you treat those around you with respect and honor? Each individual choice, even the little choices, reflects on your position as dominant. Are you consistent in these decisions and choices and do these choices build character or erode it?

As a submissive, each individual choice you make is a choice of submission. Do you submit to your dominant fully, or just when it is fun? Do you submit to your dominant just when you agree with the things expected or is your submission complete? What is your commitment? Is your submission something you put on display when others are around or is your submission dedicated to the relationship? If you are given assignments that are designed for personal growth and stability of the relationship, do you follow through and do the assignment fully or do you pick and choose parts of the assignment? If a D/s relationship is to be both successful and true to the principles of this lifestyle, the dominant and submissive alike, must view each choice made each day as a measure of their dominance or submission. It is a measure of their commitment to the success of the relationship.

The most meaningful judgment of your personal choices and acceptance of responsibility comes from within. Each of us knows when we choose to do or not to do something whether or not it is the right choice, whether or not it is consistent with what we profess to be. The best judge of our actions quite simply is ourselves. Do you walk the walk?


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