Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thu, 21 Jun 2007

Often we are trapped by this idea of compassion
Kindness, humanity, empathy, respect, these are the demons we must overcome
Let us remember, only through sadism and cruelty can we find enlightenment and peace
certainly there must be some concern for the welfare and mental stability of the bottom, but should that be our responsibility?? I think not!
Once you allow the red haze of cruelty to cloud your eyes, avoid these dangerous concepts of kindness and concern, they only get in the way, trust the dark voices, trust yourself, trust Alebeard, all others are only out to get you, O yes my minions, they want to destroy you, don't go into the light! never go into the light!
Revel in the madness!
May the screams of others wash away the pain!

A Leader in the cuteness industry

(FYI- the charming gentleman has given me carte blanche to repost at will, and i have a will).


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