Monday, February 12, 2007

The first time man knew that there was more than air, wind and water, was when the sky opened up and brought electricity.

Dark, mysterious, unfairly cruel when it landed without warning, it brought the idea of fire- and, with time, survival. Now, man had warmpth-and a way to cook the meat,and see at night.
Electricity started out so simple, hu? Of course, somewhere between heat and light and simple applicances we branched off to the less "important" uses.....and eventually got around to all the sick things you can do for sexual gratification.
Now of course, we have lots of places to find out about harnessing the sky.

And of course, our own loveable camel jockey, my personal favorite for the title of "most perverted relative", Uncle Abdul:

Get yourself some exstention cords, make sure the plugs are close by, SLOW DOWN as you learn, and try not to set the cave on fire, OK?


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