Monday, February 26, 2007

Video Killed the Radio Star

Seen any Good video's lately?
Places keep appearing all over the web for great video watching-- adult as well as just plain fun.
So, try these spots: -Here's one already loaded to get you "rolling" as you cruise. -This one also is "preloaded" to give you a "head start" on that adult video trip. is a nice place with some anime for adults.
The CLASSIC site for anything BUT adult content is still far and away although the newcomer is gaining rapidly at and the ever non-popular
The new "host your vid" sites are populating the web quickly. Try ,, ,, & to get you warmed up.
Remeber- don't link up from work, your web site cruising IS being recorded by the boss- and maybe THIS one doesn't care- but the next one might:)
Have fun, turn off the TV.


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