Monday, June 05, 2006

Remember, trust yourself, trust Alebeard, kill everyone else.

Yep, this is thirst for BDSM knowledge.

One of the things every young pup should know is that some people are bigger sadists than you could EVER hope to be.
No matter how far out, how twisted, how depraved you are, there is someone else farther out there. Some of them have not been arrested yet either.

The best are serious aficionados of the female scream, true connoisseurs of sweat and saliva and urine. They know the smell of blood, the zing of a whip (and can identify most of them by the sound), as well as they know their own voice.
The best are very aware of the pitfalls and work very hard to find seriously twisted partners that want to be abused.
And they are also kind, funny, egalitarians that happen to like tye dyed clothes and should have been born in 1950.

Today, our educational bent is towards appreciating people that like hurting people. All kinds of hurt, but usually the impact kind, the kind that brings tears and screams and leaves marks. Today we take a look at Alebeard, who's unique view of the world and our place in it never fails to make me think.

Casual contact with sadism creates a stilted view, one where no one remembers that the sadist is also human, with feelings and thoughts other than being "mean". Revulsion is usually our first response to the serious sadist, the guy that "gets hard" from the pain of others, particularly when they have personally inflicted it. People that LIKE to give pain even look at themselves strangely most of the time, if they can seriously look at all. It is a social death wish to openly admit to hurting women for your pleasure.

BDSMers see it instead as just one more kind of love, one other kind of touch (the *non-gentle* kind), a different way to relate and close the gap between 2 beings into 1. It is our passion, it is the button that pushes our orgasm, it is to each of us a unique fantasy in our heads that when tapped into well gives us permission to be free.

Some folks of course, also see it as fun.
"What I want, what I really really want, is some nice toy I can shatter and push to the bounds of hate, terror and agony for a very good long time, losing all sanity or shred of consent and then after have a nice cup of coffee with her at a good Italian place after dinner and discuss how fun it was to go there" is the stance Alebeard has taken for years. His may be one of the healthiest and most honest web logs on line about WIITWD.

His appreciation of adults making choices and doing what they want to do because they LIKE it is raw and clean. His desire to hurt tits is adorable. His irreverence and off the wall references make some people uncomfortable (which, in the Kink world, says a whole lot about just how sick and twisted he must be!) and often create flame wars to rival Shermans march once he posts. He has a standing invitation to be on our lists anytime (which is why he usually won't do it- being appreciated is just not FUN!).

What kind of play do you like? Do you even have an IDEA of the variety of play styles and kinds? Ale does. He enjoys thinking about pain, and how to give it. He has spent most of the last decade investigating and experiencing much of it. He posts about fuck toys and pain sluts and spankings with the same abandon to good taste that he uses to write about toilet play and bondage. As long as someone is crying and screaming and maybe even bleeding, it's all good for him. Sex must, of course, be involved eventually. Usually after there is no spot left unwelted, and everyone is beyond the ability to be rational.

He is also a severe advocate of consent, and a true believer in equality in all things between men and women. While his taste in fiction might run to non-con scenes of brutality known only by inhuman aliens on drugs or Mormons, his real life convictions make him someone we deeply respect.
Fear, but respect:)

If you want to learn about sadisim, He is one of the guys to watch. Just don't call him Sir.


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