Sunday, June 05, 2005

What's Knot to Love?

All of you Bondage Babies out there go to classes, practice, and "borrow bodies" to wrap and cinch and tie up. We have heard that breaking t he bondage habit requires a 12 step program. So herewith are a few places to get you a daily dose when you can't get to a full meeting.
The International Guild of Knot Tyers has several branches. This is the organization to join if you are a serious knot tyer. Its journal, Knotting Matters, is the only English-language print journal devoted exclusively to knots.
The North American Branch has its own web page. The NAB publishes the InterKnot newsletter. contains great photos such as:

Instruction Pages

Stoppers Terminal KnotsOverhand-knot, (Flemish)eight and more

bends To bend two lines together.Reef-Knot, Sheet-Bend, Carrick-Bend, True-Lover's, and more

Hitches To tie on an object.Timber Hitch, Constrictor, The Eight, and more..

Single LoopsBowline, Bowstring, and more...

The NooseThe running bowline, hangman, and more..

Frequently Asked Knots. The monkey fist, Dolly (trucker-hitch).

Breast plates. Some Fancy work

Links to other knot sites.At the base of realknots

Books on Knots on the WebAshley, Klutz and more

Links to pages with links to Roper's pages. For finding people with the same interests..

If you are SEEKING something specific, try the ultimate index of knots:

And if you would like some examples of great knots, try this:

References to great Yahoo groups and real time classes will be made to those with a sincere interest when inquiring.


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