Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's Get Some Resources!

Finding truth, knowledge, educational opportunities, and places where the questions we hold inside can be answered are often life long quests. We are all detectives of our hearts.

From an unknown author on the web:
"A lot of people feel ashamed or guilty about their fantasies and fetishes; but when the underlying motivating factors are discovered on why BDSM and fetishism is pursued; then shame, fear and guilt dissolve naturally in the process of illimination." (Unknown Psychiatrist)

Below is a list of Lifestyle Resources. It's use is not a substitute for good manners, common courtesy, or informed consent. Many of the resources contain adult content or mature ideology. Content and access is the purview of the web-sites, while maturity to view them is in the user's purview. All Local NET resources are not listed. Nothing below is an endorsement or recomendation by the list owner nor the poster, but a courtesy collection of information.

"Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns" (Basic)
by Miller & Devon ISBN 0-9645960-0-8

"Extreme Space" (Advanced)
by F. R. R. Mallory ISBN 1-893006-24-7

"SM 101" (Basic) by Jay Wiseman

"Different Loving" by G. Brame, W Brame, & J Jacobs
(examples of types of play) ISBN 0-679-76956-0

“The Loving Dominant” (Attitudes and Techniques) -

“ Flogging” by Joseph Bean (physiology of impact play)

“Come Hither” , (Intermediate)

“The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” by Midori (Basic Japanese Bondage)

"21st Century Kinkycrafts" - building your own toys or projects.

Books available from your favorite retailer, on-line bookseller
or direct from

"If submission is a gift, Dominance is a responsibility"

Is it possible to fall in love over a computer? A: Yes, and really deeply, but I don’t recommend it. Falling over anything often means you’ll end up with bumps and bruises you wouldn’t have found had you been looking.

ARTICLES (SM Intro) (Sub Advice) (Warnings) (Party Etiquette) (Sensual D/s) (About No Gossip)


[This listing is not an endorsement of the material below, but a courtesy] (Emblem) (Deviant's Dictionary) (BDSM Safety Info) (WizDomme's Newbie Resource Pack) (D/s Resource) (D/s Resource) (Lifestyles Info) (D/s Lifestyle Library) (Disscussions) (Lifestyles Info) (Skills) (Techniques) (Leather Archives) (Bondage) (Body Modification / Piercing) (Spanking) (Flying – Endorphin Rush) (Punishment vs. Discipline)


Below are statements often made or heard in the scene and one set of their interpretations.

1. "I don't want you to talk to anyone else about me."
Translation: I am afraid of what you will find out.

2. "You have no right to ask other people for background about me."
Translation: You are not entitled to look out for your own safety.

3. "If I find out that you have talked to others about me, I'll never have anything to do with you again."
Translation: I am going to emotionally blackmail you into a relationship with me.

4. "You should trust only what I tell you."
Translation: I don't want you to think for yourself.

5. "Now that you're with me, you don't need to see your old friends and family. Besides I don't like any of them."
Translation: Your emotional well-being is not important to me. I feel threatened by your relationships.

6. "I need to use your credit card for a while" or "I want you to lend me money."
Translation: Your an easy mark.

7. "You will be my slave whether you want to or not."
Translation: I am already letting you know that your consent doesn't matter to me.

8. "I won't allow you a safe word because I know I'm trustworthy."
Translation: My pride matters more to me than your security.

9. "I won't wear a condom because I know I'm disease-free."
Translation: Your health concerns are less important to me than the way my penis feels inside of you.

10. "A true sub would never do what you did."
Translation:I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. All I know is that if you don't do what I want, I will grind down your self-esteem until you do.

Permission to repost as appropriate, is granted.


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